The evidence is overwhelming that moving our bodies, through community sport, fitness and physical activity, improves our lives, individually and collectively. 


It provides us with better physical & mental health, greater levels of happiness and life satisfaction. It offers improved job opportunities, higher educational attainment, improves social cohesion and reduces isolation


We are well aware that not everybody enjoys taking part in sport and physical activity and may have had negative experiences which has turned them off being active. Evidence suggests that young people living in disadvantaged communities are less active than their more affluent counterparts.


We believe that moving our body regularly, even in a small way, can be the catalyst to improving other areas of our life and it’s our job to help and support young people and their families to become and continue to be active. 


Our in2movement 12 week programme uses physical activity as a platform to engage young people and their families to help improve overall well-being. Our friendly and experienced staff provide the necessary support and guidance so that realistic changes can be made to sustain a healthy lifestyle. We offer advice on a range of health and well-being topics such as keeping active, portion sizes, mindfulness, goal setting and preparing healthy meals on a budget. 


*To be eligible for this free service one child in your family will be above the ideal weight for his/her age, height and sex.


Programmes will start in September 2022, sign up below.

We are fully behind Sport England’s 10 year vision to transform lives and communities through sport and physical activity

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