Why volunteer?

The word ‘volunteering’ might suggest to some people that it’s about giving their time to something without getting anything in return….. Whilst this is true in some respects it isn’t entirely true. 


People volunteer for a number of reasons which can have the following benefits to themselves and wider community;


  • It gives a people greater sense of purpose and meaning
  • It’s an opportunity to learn new skills and boost employment prospects
  • It’s been linked with an improved quality of life
  • It raises self-esteem
  • It enables people to play an active role in their community 
  • It helps to break down social barriers
  • It offers people an opportunity to socialise with different people 
  • Social support and generosity are key determinants of wellbeing


What can you get involved with?

Whether you have a specific skill set with years of experience, you just want to help out with no experience at all or anything in between then in2 could have a role for you. We are looking for enthusiastic and passionate people to help support our in2leadership team, innovative community projects and our youth and community voice. 


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Have a selfless concern for the well-being of others’


‘Remember that we are stronger when we work together’